Designing with LEDs

Can I replace one 100W MV with one LED light and have the same results?

Not exactly. A 100W MV light is 3000+ lumens with a 100° beam spread. For an LED light to compete in lumens, the beam spread must be reduced to anywhere from 25° to 40°; anything wider than that will result in much less measurable light on the ground. Therefore, to achieve the desired .1 fc on the ground from a moonlight downlight 40’ up in a tree, we recommend a ratio of about 3 LEDs to 2 MVs.

Consider the example below:

Shown with (4) 100W MV Downlights

Shown with (7) 14W LED Downlights

These pictures were taken of a house with downlights mounted 40’ high in mature red oak trees. You can see the difference in spread between the two scenarios. The Mercury Vapor scene on the left illuminates the roof of the house as well as the entire yard with just four fixtures. The LED scene on the right still has amazing light coverage on the ground, yet the spill-over light on the roof is gone.

LED Lights: Warm White vs. Cool White

Typically Cool White (5000K) LEDs are used to illuminate in the landscape on trees, bushes, etc. The eye is used to seeing the cool moonlight hues coming through the trees at night, creating a very natural and serene setting. Cool White light enhances the color of foliage, making trees and vegetation look even greener and healthier. Use Warm White (3500K) LEDs to light the house, fence, or other structures such as gazebos, arbors, or fountains. Warm White light brings out the texture of a surface and creates crisp and inviting light in seating or dining areas. See Kelvin Temperature chart below.

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