12V Bullets

MVS MR16 Downlight

The only 75W MR16 bullet we offer – this one is for downlighting only.

MVS MR16 Uplight

The largest MR16 bullet we offer – use this fixture to uplight trees or your home.

RS Uplight

Our most popular 12V Uplight – comes standard with a 10K hour MR16 lamp.


Cast aluminum MR16 fixture. Great for downlighting with its long shroud.

Copper Guardian

Solid copper uplight with up to 35W MR16 lamp. 15 year warranty!

HL360 MR16

Specification grade MR16. Very sleek fixture and clean design! Great for downlighting in an arbor.

MP20 MR11

Tiny MR11 fixture that can used as a downlight or an uplight. Great price for a smaller light.

HL300 MR8

The smallest fixture we offer with an MR8 lamp. This fixture can be hidden anywhere!

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