12V Pathlights

DemiLite 12"

Classic copper pathlight will patina to a beautiful verde over time.

DemiLite 18"

A taller version of our best selling DemiLite. Great for illuminating a wide area.

TD12 Tulip

Solid copper tulip style light that will patina to a antique green finish over time.


This solid copper fixture is one of the tallest fixtures we stock. Perfect for mature landscapes.


The CB20 offers a 7″ copper hat giving it the ability to throw the light in a wide soft pattern.


The SC20 is a solid copper fixture with a rounded dome top. Petite in size but offers a powerful punch.

Illuminator 4

Similar design to the SP20 but slightly taller. This copper fixture offers an adjustable height setting.


This path light is perfect for illuminating walkways, as the light is projected forward.


The SP is petite and perfect for smaller areas… it simply disappears in any garden!


A flip top lid and built in sprinkler guard make changing the bulb in this fixture a breeze.

TUL1 Tulip

This tulip fixture throws a scalloped light pattern and looks beautiful in the day and night!


One of our best sellers in aluminum! Petite pathlight that’s great for smaller gardens.


A larger version of the AL01 that offers a wider spread of light. Very popular size and style.


The largest pathlight in the AL series. With its larger hat, offers a very wide spread of light.

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