12V Step & Deck Lights

TC20 Copper

One of our best sellers! Perfect for mounting on arbor or trellis beams.

LS12 Hanging Light

A tiny copper downlight provides soft illumination. Perfect for a gazebo or arbor!


Surface light that emits a 5 foot diameter of light. Great to highlight address numbers!


This half moon steplight is made of cast aluminum and had a frosted lens for softer illumination.


This mini triangular steplight goes anywhere – on a deck or above your house numbers.

TS20 Bronze

This fixture’s mounting base swivels and pivots allowing for smooth precise aiming.

TS20 Copper

The Trellis Spot in solid copper.

TS50 Bronze

The larger version of the TS20. Perfect for mounting in an arbor to illuminate a large area.


This sleek lights shines both up and down and has recessed lenses to reduce glare.

CP10 Recessed Light

A smaller version of the LM20. Exclusive LevelX system makes for foolproof installation.

LM20 Recessed Light

Larger version of the CP10, this solid copper brick light is designed for easy installation!

SL17 Recessed Light

A smaller version of the SL08 that is offered in several different colors to match any stone!

SL08 Recessed Light

Cast aluminum brick light with recessed back box. Perfect for illuminating stairs!

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