: 120V 5W PAR20

120V 5W PAR20

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  • 4 Super Bright LEDs operating at 1.22 Watts for total of 5 Watts
  • Direct Lamp Replacement
  • Low Heat generation with excellent heat sinks
  • No UV Light Radiation
  • Not Dimmable
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Power Consumption = 5 Watts
  • 35W Halogen/Mercury Vapor Equivalent
  • 5000K Cool White (440 lumens typical). Available in NFL 25° and FL 40°
  • 3500K Warm White (390 lumens typical). Available in SP 15° and FL 40°
  • Optional Spread and Green lenses available
  • Green Lens color corrects color temperature to 5500K
  • Spread Lens doubles the beam spread of the LED Lamp 120V


  • 120V E26 Medium Base
  • No separate driver needed
  • Direct lamp replacement

For use with MVS-U and MVS-D 120V Bullet series

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