Wire Connectors

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The best way to ensure a permanent connection is to use silicone-filled connectors. These King connectors are made for direct burial installation and can handle a broad range of wire sizes. You will need 2 per fixture and they are priced each.

Installation Instructions:

IMPORTANT: Turn off power before installing or removing connector. Product to be used in accordance with local and national codes.

  1. Strip wires 1/2.
  2. Align frayed strands or conductors.
  3. No pre-twisting needed. Hold wires together with ends even. Note: Twist and lead stranded wires slightly.
  4. Push wires firmly into connector when starting.
  5. Twist connector onto wires pushing firmly until tight. Do not over torque. Do not reuse.

Product Specifications:

  • Max. Voltage: 30V/10 AMP
  • Connector Size: 13/16 x 1 9/16
  • Wire Type: Copper/Copper
  • Wire Range: Min #22/Max #6
  • Temperature Rating: 75C (167F)
  • Petroleum Sealant: -29F to 250F